Conference Topics

1. Stunting reduction 

2. Functional food and benefit to degenerative disease

3. Food label for health marketing strategies

4. Disaster management and global nursing 

5. Palliative care 

6. Herbal and complementary therapy in nursing science 

7. Mental health nursing 

8. Wound care 

9. Maternal health 

10. Stimulation and early detection of child growth and development 

11. Hospital care for preterm new-born 

12. Palliative care for children with end-stage disease 

13. Life-course health Emerging and re-emerging diseases 

14. Health Promotion-Health Literacy-Healthy City 

15. Occupational and Environmental Health 

16. Community Participation and Mobilisation 

17. Injury prevention and disaster management 

18. Health and Social Innovation and Health Technology 

19. Health in Marginalised Population (Migrants-Minority-Ethic Groups-Disabled) 

20. NCD and Risk Factors (School, Workplace, Temple, Hospital, Family) 

21. Health for All and Health in All Policies (Health Service System) 

22. Oral Health 

23. Guideline concept of Physiotherapy in musculoskeletal problems and sport science 

24. Exercise in older people